May showers

We got a well-received 1.8″ of rain in May! The garlic is up and growing well! The garlic is all mulched with either woodchips or straw for drought-control, and also to prevent soil temperature swings in the heat of summer that can shut down bulb production. Weeding season has begun, bulbil planting (our FAVORITE time to plant bulbils and this deserves another blog all on its own!) and we are kept very busy these spring days also in working with our honeybee hives, moving the custom heifers daily from paddock to paddock, planting more shelterbelt trees, and hopefully planting a garden before too long here!

Orders for fall are coming in, and we recommend to order early for this fall shipping, as we sold out early September last year!

New products for this year are:

● Nettle Blend Tea (a lovely blend of stinging nettle leaves, rosehips, and a hint of extra dried black garlic) All grown and hand harvested here on our farm.

● Black Garlic cloves in two different sized packages 75 g and 150 g

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