Late Harvest in Full Swing

Well… in the 10 years of us growing a few acres of garlic, we have had TWO September harvests! A weird year of gardening for most in the prairie provinces but the garlic looks beautiful! A cool, dry spring gave us a slow start this year. We normally would be sending garlic out to you by now, but we are just getting it out of the the rain! Thank you for your patience with us, and we will do our best to be sending out garlic beginning the 15th of September because of this delay! You should have it in time for fall seeding! We want the garlic well on it’s way curing before it gets sent.

Our mission is to send you young, healthy, robust garlic full of vigor! To fulfill this mission, we go through the painstakingly tedious process of growing a lot of bulbils every year, plant rounds, yield not so large but fat healthy cloves garlic to send you! The FOLLOWING year, you should see an amazing upsizing. That means those medium bulbs with 3 or 4 fat cloves in them should be some amazing large or XL garlic next year for you! Another analogy is, as my husband is a cattle rancher, is like we are selling you young bred heifers and not the 20 year old cow… Many garlic growers may go the easy route and crack bulbs, plant cloves, harvest bulbs, crack bulbs, plant cloves, harvest bulbs…but this cow does pieter out and eventually die!

How does your soil look? Does it smell like sweet awesome dirt? Our goal with compost tea, straw and wood chip mulch, not rototilling is our goal..(getting there slowly for that one as it disturbs the microbial climate in the soil) is to see earthworms, soft soil, a poly culture (did you know garlic does better with some weeds, or weed select for those legumes!), and a healthy fungal climate too…mushrooms! Right next to those mushrooms are growing healthy stalked garlic!

Harvest happening!

The garlic growing companions! Healthy fungus and a few (ok, maybe not just a few) weeds, yes!!
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