Garlic is Growing!

This year at first posed many challenges, but after a rainy June, things look pretty good! A delayed, cool, and dry spring following a dry fall, meant a delayed emergence, but almost no winterkill noticeable! We have been blessed with warm, but not TOO hot of weather in July so far! We are feeding the garlic with compost tea and soil bugs to help to build a microbial environment that is healthy.

We are expecting a slightly delayed harvest mid August this year and we will be sending out orders beginning the first week of September. We are doing trials with straw and woodchips as mulch on the garlic this year. It looks very promising! Most of the garlic planted is young seed, about 2 to 3 generations from the bulbil, so an upsizing should be expected in your seed you receive from us! (Meaning a medium bulb cracked apart and planted, could yield a large size under ideal growing conditions).

June weeding!!! If you dont use enough straw….you will be weeding forever!
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