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Soil Temperures

Summer of 2021 has proposed many challenges to garlic growers! With the exceptionally hot summer, plants are threatening to shut down sooner, earlier harvest etc! We have had many emails about garlic shutting down, or early harvest, and some very good results in spite of hot weather. I would like to share with you the […]

May showers

We got a well-received 1.8″ of rain in May! The garlic is up and growing well! The garlic is all mulched with either woodchips or straw for drought-control, and also to prevent soil temperature swings in the heat of summer that can shut down bulb production. Weeding season has begun, bulbil planting (our FAVORITE time […]


Harvest is in full swing, about 70% complete! Most of you would be complete your harvest in normal garden growing conditions. Our gourmet garlic varieties were harvested in the 1st and 2nd week of August (planted sooner in Sept), and our field garlic (Music and Red Russian) were planted late (too late!) due to the […]

Weeding and Scape Picking

It felt like my sleeping bag should be out in the garlic field during weeding season, but now that we feel a little more caught up with weeding, we are shifting gears to picking scapes and starting pickling! There are likely different opinions about cutting scapes vs pulling scapes. The truth is, you will get […]

Late Harvest in Full Swing

Well… in the 10 years of us growing a few acres of garlic, we have had TWO September harvests! A weird year of gardening for most in the prairie provinces but the garlic looks beautiful! A cool, dry spring gave us a slow start this year. We normally would be sending garlic out to you […]

Garlic is Growing!

This year at first posed many challenges, but after a rainy June, things look pretty good! A delayed, cool, and dry spring following a dry fall, meant a delayed emergence, but almost no winterkill noticeable! We have been blessed with warm, but not TOO hot of weather in July so far! We are feeding the […]

Spring is Here!

The days are getting warmer, the wind is blowing and drying things up! I am still a bit nervous to remove the straw on the garlic,  but if the weather forecast holds as it looks, we will be removing the straw to expose the ground! We plan to slowly add it back onto the garlic […]

We are heading into harvest shortly! A bit of delayed spring (2 wks later this year) has delayed harvest slightly but the garlic has amazingly caught up! We will be sending out orders beginning Sept 1st. Thank you for your orders! Some things are selling out quickly!


Spring has finally sprung! Winter seemed long and cold, but here in Saskatchewan, we can be surprised by nothing. The mulch has been removed and we are awaiting signs of shoots emerging. Spring planting garlic cloves is an option now, and we have a few Red Russian cloves available for that purpose. Happy Gardening